At THIOT INGENIERIE, safety of operators comes first. This is why all our explosion chambers comply to strictest European safety standards and all materials used in the fabrication process are tested in our shock physics laboratory. Our experts have more than 30 years of experience making and using detonation chambers so we have experience in safety issues related to detonics operations.

In case your experiments or production operations involve toxic gas releases, our detonation chambers are 100% gas tight guarantee.

Also a double shielding can be added to protect from fragments ejection and  protect your explosion chamber and operators for any accidental dammage.


Life cycle

We have been making explosion chambers for 30 years. It is all this experience and understanding of failure and fracture propagation that we put in the design of our detonation chambers. We carefully select best materials and run fast dynamics numerical simulation of various cases to make sure your explosion chambers will not be a surprise box.



We use only best quality materials and make internal dynamic material characterization to prove reliability of our explosion chambers.
With 30 years of experience in shock physics, we also perform reliable numerical simulation to make sure every corner of our detonation chamber is wellsized.